Introducing the RBH84-1105-3, the two-stage, three-phase regenerative blower that is perfect for your Foundries application. With 11.78 HP power output, it boasts to be one of the most powerful yet quiet blowers in the market. It operates at a noise level between 58-82 db(A), making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments. The blower offers both pressure and vacuum options, making it versatile and adaptable to different applications. Its oil-free and odor-free nature ensures that the air supply remains clean, providing a high-quality output. The straddle-mounted impeller design minimizes pulsation, ensuring a smooth and constant airflow. Furthermore, its clean filtered air supply guarantees that the blower is free from any contaminants. The three-phase operation of the blower provides more power and is more efficient compared to single-phase blowers. Upgrade your Foundries with the RBH84-1105-3 and see the difference in performance.

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  • 11.78 HP
  • Quiet – 58-82 db(A)
  • Pressure or Vacuum
  • Oil Free – Odor free
  • Non-pulsating
  • Clean Filtered Air Supply
  • Three Phase
  • Two Stage
  • Straddle Mounted Impeller Design
Weight 297 lbs
Dimensions 22.4 × 24.21 × 22.32 in
Voltage 60Hz


Voltage 50Hz


Power Rating @60hz


Power Rating @50hz


Maximum Flow Rate @60hz

600 SCFM

Maximum Flow Rate @50hz

515 SCFM

Maximum Pressure Rating @60hz

60" H2O/150 mbar

Maximum Pressure Rating @50hz

55" H2O/136 mbar

Maximum Vacuum Rating @60hz

64" H2O/160 mbar

Maximum Vacuum Rating @50hz

60" H2O/150 mbar

Can be Anodized?


Amperage Rating - Full Load Amps - 60Hz


Outlet Port Diameter

2.5" NPT

Inlet Port Diameter

2.5" NPT

Weight (Packaged)

297 Lbs.


22.4 in X 22.32 in X 24.21 in

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