Rethink Land-Based Aquaculture Systems

As the world’s population continues to grow, so too does the demand for fish. Fisheries and hatcheries with recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) are a smart, sustainable solution to meet this increased demand. Farmers need reliable pumps to protect their fishery ecosystem as they disinfect, filter, flush, de-gas, and circulate water.

To support fisheries across the country and the globe, All-Star Products is proud to supply longlasting, adjustable, field re-greaseable pumps for use in vessel and land-based fish farming markets.

Lasting Pumps for a Healthy Fishery

Healthy fish farms and vessels need oxygen, with pumps throughout the farm to circulate freshly-filtered water. Any issues that arise with pumps must be addressed swiftly and efficiently, or farmers run the risk of issues that can threaten their stock. What’s more, there’s not much time for lengthy service calls with stopped pumps when live fish rely on the regular circulation of water. Another important issue to overcome is finding the right pump solutions for each application.

Factors that can make or break a fishery’s operations include:

  • Pressure
  • Head
  • Flow rate
  • Corrosion Resistance

Not every aquaculture pump fits every application. Fisheries are busy enough already. When dealing with a live product, professionals don’t have the luxury of time to stop circulation to disassemble motors for lubrication. All-Star Products not only offers an entire range of pumps to fit a variety of aquaculture applications, but ones that are low maintenance and offer a long-duty cycle.

Keep Your Aquaculture and Fish Farm Afloat

As with many other industries, fish farming relies on high-caliber, reliable equipment. The right aeration solutions can have a hugely positive impact on the production process, aid with seawater transfer across land, and recirculate water to avoid stagnation Most often, fisheries implement All-Star’s centrifugal pumps because they are highly efficient, come with a simple design that prevents breakdowns, and they offer a smooth, consistent flow.

Vortex and Grinder Impeller Centrifugal Pumps

Vortex and grinder impeller pumps are supreme for handling dirty fluids, debris, and solids like offal content and fish waste.

Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Aquaculture Pumps

There are so many minute details when it comes to the world of pumps for fisheries—and not every pump is up to the task. Too many pumps waste your time with maintenance stoppages, expensive repairs, and inherent design flaws that don’t meet the needs of your land-based or vessel farm system. All-Star Products takes a different approach: Pumps designed with your aquaculture needs in mind. Pumps are engineered to alleviate the issues you deal with day in and day out.

Our pumps are thoughtfully designed and carefully manufactured so they’re made to last, without bringing your fishery to a halt with service or disassembly for lubrication.

When you select from All-Star’s roster of high-performance aquaculture pumps, you get a long duty cycle that keeps things running as planned. You don’t have to stop for constant maintenance or disassembly for re-greasing. You don’t have time for these kinds of delays, and your fish don’t either.

Grow your fishery with our
aquaculture pump solutions.

Here are the most common pumps used

  • RBH83-1105-3

    • Horsepower (HP): 11.78HP/8.60kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 128" H2O/318 mbar
    • SCFM: 410 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): 137" H2O/342 mbar
    • Voltage: 208V/230V/460V
  • RBH4-205-2

    • Horsepower (HP): 2.60HP/1.90kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 95" H2O/239 mbar
    • SCFM: 155 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): 95" H2O/239 mbar
    • Voltage: 230V
  • RBH4-2-5

    • Horsepower (HP): 2.06HP/1.50kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 82" H2O/205 mbar
    • SCFM: 155 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): 82" H2O/205 mbar
    • Voltage: 575V