The use of pumps is widespread in the manufacture of all kinds of consumer and commercial products. As one might expect, pumps are integral to transporting raw materials and packaging finished goods.

Manufacturers rely on All-Star Products’ pumps throughout multiple industries for countless aspects of daily operation. In this field, there’s no room for delays or work stoppages. That’s why All-Star’s long-lasting, re-greaseable pumps have been engineered to keep you running. Our pumps keep you going so that production doesn’t come to a grinding halt.

Regenerative Blowers

Blowers to keep you going long after the others stop. High performance, superior quality, and low cost.

Turbo Blowers

Enjoy years of operation rated for continuous duty for the most time-sensitive applications.


When it comes to manufacturing goods in your plant, there’s no time for a failed pump or time-consuming maintenance. And having someone available on-site 24/7 to handle every maintenance issue isn’t always an option.

Within the industry, there are all kinds of issues that lead to production stoppages and other delays, which can wind up costing you money and damage your reputation as a reliable manufacturer.

Here are a few pump-related issues many producers run into time and time again:

  • Mechanical damage from misalignment causing decreased performance thermal overload
  • Process issues from using the wrong kind of pump for the intended use
  • Impeller wear and tear or pressure/vacuum overload Improper lubrication and overheating

In many cases, avoiding these issues requires constant, lengthy maintenance and oftentimes, total disassembly of the pump for lubrication and re-greasing. At All-Star Products, we aim to eliminate these pain points with pumps designed for a long duty cycle. These pumps can be lubricated without disassembly, which means you can continue your processes without delay or interruption from a failed pump or a pump that needs frequent, labor-intensive maintenance.

Manufacturing Pumps for a Variety of Applications

There are so many different types of pumps needed within the manufacturing industry that it would be impossible to detail them all in one place. All-Star Products puts your needs first, helping you find the right pump for your particular sector of the manufacturing industry so that you end up with a pump that’s made to endure. Pumps for the manufacturing industry include:

Pharmaceutical Pumps

At All-Star, we know that pumps are integral to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals throughout drying, distillation, and crystallization, as well as degassing, all in a sterile environment. Pumps must prevent contamination and help drug manufacturers meet all safety standards and regulations. Moreover, these pumps must maintain each drug’s efficacy.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The food and beverage industries are also highly regulated, and pumps used in manufacturing foods and beverages are critical to their overall success, from processing raw materials to packaging. After all, pump failures can lead to product safety and quality defects that could be costly for producers.

Product Manufacturing Pumps

Makers of goods and products must be able to optimize their manufacturing, packaging, and distribution processes, and oftentimes manufacturing pumps play an important role in these operations.

Manufacturing Pump Solutions Made With Your Needs In Mind

Every day, our sturdy, long-lasting manufacturing pump solutions are changing the way our customers run their operations. We’re boosting their output, limiting their downtime, and optimizing their processes. How do we do it?

We’ve harnessed our years of experience to engineer long-running pumps designed to deliver a longer duty cycle. For you, that means more time between maintenance down-time, smoother pump operation, and more time doing what you do best: Making premium goods.

Outdated equipment can lead to costly challenges like:

  • Pump repair and maintenance fees
  • Production downtime and inefficiencies
  • Lost profits from poor-quality equipment

At All-Star Products, your success matters to us. That’s why our pumps are designed to be the best in the business—so you never have to face these kinds of issues. Maintenance is quick and simple, and our pumps keep going longer so you will stay in full production mode.