Pumps for Pools & Spas

Reliable Oil-Free Pumps for Your Pool & Spa Needs

All-Star Products is your go-to for your pond aeration and water aspiration needs. We provide top-shelf compressor rocking piston pumps to fit your needs and provide support and service from start to finish.

Frequently, a pond, a water garden, or a spa aeration system may no longer be up to the job. This may be because of breakdowns which can lead to shorter lifespans and recurring repairs and issues no matter what you do. With All-Star, you can find top-of-the-line solutions ranging from single compression pumps for small ponds and home water gardens to aeration pumps designed for larger pools with a full 24-hour cycle. We will help you find the right fit for your needs and provide the support you need to install, run, and manage your system.

Air Flow and Compression Reliability For Pond Aeration

Water aspiration and pond aeration are just two of the applications that oil-free rocking piston pump systems are used for. Depending on what you need, All-Star Products provides standard and custom-designed systems to help provide you with the water circulation you need for your pond or pool.

Our pond aeration systems are designed to minimize maintenance and are equipped with compressors that can last for years, and can safely and efficiently run a 24-hour cycle or as needed. These are oil-free so you don’t have to worry about contaminants fouling up the system or your pond or pool.

Single and Variable Speed Pumps for Spas and Swimming Pools

Pool pumps are designed along the same general principle, but the innovations in technology can make choosing which one’s the best is be challenging. The good news is that most high-performance pool pumps come in only two types: variable- and single-speed pumps.

Variable-speed pool pumps are some of the bestselling pool pumps on the market today. What makes this system excellent is its innovative design and features, providing pool owners and operators with maximum flexibility, savings, and energy efficiency no matter the size, design, or use. You can set your variable-speed pool pump to run cleaning and filtration cycles, and adjust the speed and flow of the water circulation, among others. Another fantastic feature: they are quiet and can have long use cycles.

Single-speed pumps, on the other hand, provide great advantages too. For one, single-speed pumps are more affordable so you’re saving on the upfront costs of purchase and installation. Another advantage is that you’ve got ease of installation and minimal maintenance. Finding filters and replacement parts is another. Compared to variable-speed pumps, single-speed pumps are basic and straight-out simple one-use machines. It doesn’t have all of the features and nifty tricks, but what it does have is long-term reliability and service life.

Piston Compression Pumps That Fit Your Needs To A Tee

So whether you’re operating a water park or looking for a new system to provide proper aeration and clean water for your pond, water garden, fish pond, or swimming pool, All-Star Products will help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

The best part? All-Star’s pool pumps are designed for long-term reliability and service life, with very little maintenance. But you can count on us to help you with anything you need in terms of user training, and installation, as well as for aftermarket services and support you may need. Although with All-Star, our piston pool pumps keep going long after others break down or require a rebuild.

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Here are the most common pumps used

  • TB305-3

    • Horsepower (HP): 3.01HP/2.20kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 15.0" H2O/37.36mbar
    • SCFM: 1400 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): N/A
    • Voltage: 208V/230V/460V
  • TB05-1

    • Horsepower (HP): 0.55HP/0.40kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 5.9" H2O/14.70mbar
    • SCFM: 290 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): N/A
    • Voltage: 115V/230V
  • RBH6-305-3

    • Horsepower (HP): 3.56HP/2.60kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 92" H2O/230 mbar
    • SCFM: 228 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): 92" H2O/230 mbar
    • Voltage: 208V/230V/460V