Blowers for Food Processing

Food Safe, Hygienic, and Clean.

Need a blower for your food packing, dairy operations, or commercial bakery needs? AllStar Products has you covered.

All-Star Products is your go-to provider for food processing blowers when you need to superior efficiency, hygiene, and sanitization. Our regenerative and turbo blowers are approved for use in dairy systems, commercial bakeries, and other food processing and production facilities. We know your food processing and production operations benefit from blowers with a long service life and fast maintenance turnarounds, and we’ve got what you need.

Regenerative Blowers

Blowers to keep you going long after the others stop. High performance, superior quality, and low cost.

Turbo Blowers

Enjoy years of operation rated for continuous duty for the most time-sensitive applications.

Upholding Your Food Safety Standards with High-Quality Blower Systems

Our goal is to help you maintain and uphold the highest levels of food safety standards and our regenerative and turbo blowers provide reliability; ensuring the food processing system we provide you meet your safety and sanitation standards.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach when it comes to connecting clients like you with the right food blower. That is why we work with our customers and their staff to help find the perfect solution for their individual needs, while also accounting for factors like air quality requirements and specific food production processes.

That’s our guarantee: We’ll work with you from start to finish (and then some) so that each step of blower selection is tailored towards upholding your standards – from air quality control systems designed specifically for your processes on every link of the chain, ensuring exceptional food safety measures that are taken into consideration at every stage.

Ensuring Operational Efficiency and Food Safety Products

Here at All-Star Products, there is an emphasis on preventing food contamination. Food safety is a serious business. According to the CDC, 48 million people in the USA become sick from contaminated food annually. So, every stakeholder in the food processing industry is adamant about making sure consumers are kept safe at all times.

For this reason, All-Star Products recommends using turbo blowers. Turbo blower systems meet food safety and sanitation standards. They can accommodate clean-in-place steps, they are efficient, and they are very affordable. Our staff is more than willing to help your personnel with maintenance and support to ensure your needs are met.

The applications for food-grade and food-safe air equipment systems fall into categories depending on what functions specific food production and preparations require based on the food safety measures required for these processes. Without proper preventive measures, microorganisms, oil vapors, aerosols, dirt, dust, and spores can come into contact with and contaminate the food and packaging.

To keep food safe from contamination, food manufacturers employ rigorous safety measures when working with vacuum pumps. In applications where the food pump systems come in direct contact with ingredients and food items, All-Star Products recommends avoiding oilbased systems. These can aerosolize contaminants, encouraging moisture and mold build-up. If you’re still shopping for your food processing system, ask an All-Star Products expert to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Likewise, the pump system that you use for non-contact high-risk applications like shaping and molding food packaging has to be safe, clean, and free from contamination. All-Star Products provides food processing blowers for all applications, not just for those used to process ingredients and food items directly. Our systems are safe, efficient, and safeguard your process from airborne mold and microbes to eliminate worry around contamination.

When it comes to the air pump and vacuum compressor systems, even low-risk applications— processes where your pump system does not touch any of the food being processed—need to maintain high levels of sanitation and food safety. This means that the air that is used in your food processing pumps must be clean. The pump and vacuum systems that clean your equipment and facilities are food-safe and free from oil, moisture, mold, and aerosolized contaminants. All-Star Products knows this very well and provides excellent pump system solutions for these applications.

We understand the importance of providing high-quality equipment and support to ensure food safety standards mandated by FDA regulations. That’s why we strive to provide solutions for every step in your food processing operations, including but not limited to ingredients preparation, food production, and packaging, and including, but not limited to:

  • Food processing and preservation
  • Food fermentation & aeration
  • Water and air sterilization
  • Filtration and nitrogen generation
  • Sanitation of systems and facilities across all stages
  • Maintenance checks and aftermarket support to manufacturers

The Food Processing Blower Experts You Can Rely On

At All-Star Products, we’re here to help your food operation reach its peak potential. Through expert guidance and assistance in choosing blowers, you can rest assured knowing that every part of your food manufacturing process is covered. We’ll be with you each step of the way so you will have a worry-free installation.

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