Pumps for Bakeries

Making Sure The Bread Will Rise In the Morning.

Need a commercial food-grade vacuum pump for your bakery needs? All-Star Products has you covered—and more.

At All-Star Products, we understand the importance of having reliable and hygienic equipment for your needs. And you’ll need a commercial bakery vacuum pump system that can keep up with high demand without compromising on safety standards or process efficiency. Our commercial-grade vacuum pumps are designed precisely so that all of your bakery operations will run smoothly.

All-Star Products takes pride in providing commercial bakeries with world-class vacuum pumps. Our high-performance equipment is unrivaled when it comes to quality performance and reliable operation. Each system is designed for long duty cycles with reduced maintenance requirements. With the All-Star pump system, we will provide support, from the training staff, and installation guidance, to ongoing service and maintenance support and aftermarket solutions so you can easily source any parts needed to keep your commercial bakery running at peak efficiency.

Quality and efficiency are essential for the production of bread, cakes, cookies, or any type of pastry. Equally important is having a food-safe and food-grade commercial bakery pump system on your production line (handling of raw ingredients handling, dough compression, filling injection or application, and others). Another important consideration is having a vacuum pump system used for belt conveyor, pan, and tray cleaning, as well as residue and debris removal and disposal.

That’s where we can help. To ensure a hygienic production line, All-Star Products provides commercial bakery vacuum pumps designed to meet your commercial bakery needs. Included is our ongoing support and service that extends through the entire process, to allow for a smooth setup from start to finish.

A Wide Range of Applications for Commercial Bakery Production

At All-Star Products, we provide the best commercial-grade vacuum pump technology to help you with your commercial bakery production and quality control standards.

We provide clients like you with not only the pump equipment to fit your needs but also specialized training for installation, ongoing support, and maintenance. Our commercial-grade pump systems are tailored to meet your needs. Everything from pneumatic conveying to crumb removal. pneumatic conveying and product handling and packaging, to belt cleaning, crumb removal and disposal, to pan and tray cleaning and drying.

Our commercial bakery vacuum pumps are suited for the following applications:

  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Vacuum Lifting
  • Vacuum Belt Conveying
  • Bin Bottom Aeration
  • Product Blow-Off
  • Bread Depanning
  • Case Packing, Carton Erecting
  • Belt Cleaning
  • Crumb Removal
  • Pan, Tray Cleaning, and Drying

Get An All-Star Product to Achieve Peak Production

We understand the importance of having safe and efficient processes in commercial bakeries. That’s why All-Star Products is here to help you achieve peak production performance with the right vacuum pump equipment and systems for a cleaner, safer facility. Not only that, our service extends through the entire process so you can trust that we will remain with you every step of the way—from start to finish.

Make the most of your food processing systems
with our smart pump solutions.

Here are the most common pumps used

  • TB1-1

    • Horsepower (HP): 1.03HP/0.75kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 10.4" H2O/25.91mbar
    • SCFM: 675 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): N/A
    • Voltage: 115V/230V
  • RBH9-30-3

    • Horsepower (HP): 30.14HP/22.00kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 168" H2O/418 mbar
    • SCFM: 850 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): 148" H2O/370 mbar
    • Voltage: 208V/230V/460V
  • RBH9-20-5

    • Horsepower (HP): 20.55HP/15.00kW
    • Pressure (H2O): 120" H2O/300 mbar
    • SCFM: 850 SCFM
    • Vacuum (H2O): 120" H2O/300 mbar
    • Voltage: 575V