Pump Controllers

Maxi-Aeration™ Control System

The flexible design of the All-Star Maxi-Aeration DO System provides a range of standard and optional features to meet your needs. Select the basic Manual Control unit or build-up the control features you need. The Maxi-Aeration System can be added to your existing aeration system or included in your next upgrade or new plant.

Optimum Process Control

Controlling DO in your basin by using butterfly valves and bleeding excess air into the environment or by cycling of your blowers is inefficient, energy-wasteful and the shock load is damaging to your blowers.

The Maxi-Aeration™ DO System combines the technology of variable frequency drives (VFDs) and blowers into a high performance system to continuously monitor and automatically change the airflow to your basin and provides the desired oxygen level for optimum bacterial growth during constantly changing conditions.


Changing the speed of the power to control the flow provides power savings up to 50%. Calculate your own savings! In the example to the right, reducing the speed of the blower by 14.2% (from 3500 rpm to 3000 rpm), the horsepower is reduced by almost 40% to 3.1 HP.

25% Increase in Process Efficiency

Providing optimum oxygen to bacteria increases their efficiency by as much as 25%

20-40% Lower Equipment Cost

Improve your efficiency, lower your power costs and save 20-40% on equipment costs compared to PD or centrifugal blowers.

Standard Features

  • Aeration Duty Designed VFD
  • Simple Installation
  • Low Maintenance Blower & VFD
  • High Efficient VFD Control & Motors
  • Quiet Performance – Less than 85 db(A)
  • Manual or Auto Speed Control
  • Soft Start
  • Small Footprint
  • 100% Parts & Service Back-up
  • 20-40% Lower Cost
  • Rugged 24/365 Continous Duty Design
  • Factory Preset Program

Optional Features

  • NEMA Enclosures – NEMA 1, NEMA 12, NEMA 4, NEMA 4x
  • Emergency 60 Hz Stand-by VFD By-pass
  • Multiple Blower Cycling
  • Data & Process Telemetry
  • HMI Visual Controls
  • Data Archiving
  • Initial Start-up Assistance
  • Personal Training
  • Fault Indicators
  • Additional Indicators for Blower Speed, Motor Amperage, Voltage or other values

Maxi-Aeration™ Control System