Introducing the RBH43-5-3, a highly efficient and reliable Two Stage, Three Phase Regenerative Blower perfect for a wide range of industrial applications. With a powerful 5.07 HP motor, the RBH43-5-3 offers exceptional performance while operating quietly at 58-82 db(A). This versatile blower is capable of delivering both pressure and vacuum, making it ideal for various industrial processes. Thanks to its oil-free and non-pulsating design, the RBH43-5-3 ensures a clean and odor-free air supply, making it perfect for sensitive applications in the medical and food industries. The straddle-mounted impeller design ensures smooth and efficient operation, while the clean filtered air supply prevents any contamination. Additionally, the RBH43-5-3 is designed for three-phase power, making it highly energy-efficient. Whether you’re looking to power your pneumatic conveying system, wastewater treatment process, or a powder transfer system, the RBH43-5-3 is the perfect solution.

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  • 5.07 HP
  • Quiet – 58-82 db(A)
  • Pressure or Vacuum
  • Oil Free – Odor free
  • Non-pulsating
  • Clean Filtered Air Supply
  • Three Phase
  • Two Stage
  • Straddle Mounted Impeller Design
Voltage 60Hz


Voltage 50Hz


Power Rating @60hz


Power Rating @50hz


Maximum Flow Rate @60hz

165 SCFM

Maximum Flow Rate @50hz

135 SCFM

Maximum Pressure Rating @60hz

167" H2O/416 mbar

Maximum Pressure Rating @50hz

142" H2O/355 mbar

Maximum Vacuum Rating @60hz

162" H2O/405 mbar

Maximum Vacuum Rating @50hz

138" H2O/345 mbar

Can be Anodized?


Amperage Rating - Full Load Amps - 60Hz


Outlet Port Diameter

2.0" NPT

Inlet Port Diameter

2.0" NPT


111 Lbs.


18.03 in X 14.7 in X 18.43 in

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