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All Star Warranty Procedure

Limited Warranty All Star warrants all of its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date the product is placed in service to a maximum of eighteen (18) months from the date of shipment, whichever occurs first. Purchaser is responsible for providing adequate and approved storage during the 18 month period. Nothwithstanding the foregoing, any equipment or components of the products not of All Stars own manufacture and/or specified by the purchaser, is sold under only such warranty as the maker thereof extends to All Star and All Star is able to enforce, but such items are not warranted by All Star in any way. All Star is not responsible for product failures caused b y the purchaser or their customer misapplying the product, operating the product beyond the published ratings and values, misuse, field alterations and changes, lack of proper maintenance or improper storage, neglect or accident are also excluded from this Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty is effective, provided (1) The purchaser immediately notifies All Star in writing of the alleged defect after it becomes known to the purchaser and (2) No alterations, repairs or services have been performed by the purchaser or third parties on the product, without the written approval of an officer of All Star and (3) a properly sized and set pressure or vacuum relief valve and air intake filter are installed. This Warranty is in lieu of all other expressed or implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose.

The warranty does not include mis-use or mis-application, abuse, neglect or other causes of failure beyond the manufacture's control. If your blower/pump has failed and is outside of the warranty period, please contact All Star for the closest recommended service shop. If the blower/pump has failed within the warranty period due to causes you feel are covered within warrant, it is necessary to follow these steps below. If these steps are not properly followed, your claim for warranty may be voided.

Step 1 Do not disassemble or try to repair the blower/pump or any component. Any attempt to repair or correct a problem by you or your agent will void your warranty. A disassembled unit will not be covered by warranty.

Step 2 Complete the form below and fax (901-758-0816) or email (marc@all-star-usa.com) Complete all of the information requested. You can contact All Star at 800-431-8258 or 901-755-9613.

Step 3 Based upon a review of the information and verification of the date of manufacture, you will be advised to (1) take the blower to an EASA service shop for a warranty claim inspection. Upon completion of an inspection of the unit, the EASA service shop will advise you if the failure is within All Star's warranty. If the failure is within warranty, the unit will be repaired or replaced without cost for labor or parts. If the failure is determined not to be within All Star's warranty, you can elect to have the unit repair or replaced at your expense. If the problem is not a warranted, you will be responsible for all inspection and service charges. If you are not familiar with EASA service shops in your area, one can be located online at http://www.easa.com.

Company Name ____________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person ______________________________ Tel ___________________ Fax ____________________
email address ______________________________________
Address ________________________________ City _______________ State _________ Zip _____________
Date unit failed _________________________
Blower/Pump Nameplate Data
Model Number _________________________ Serial Number _________________________
Date Place Into Service ___________________
Motor Nameplate Data
Manufacture's Name _________________________________ HP ________
Enclosure (ODP, TEFC, EXPRF, Other) ______________________________ Voltage rating _________________
Equipment Manufacturer (If supplied with a machine or piece of equipment)
Company Name _________________________________________________
Company's Equipment Model # or Description _______________________________________________________
Description of Failure (Describe the type of failure on the reverse side or a separate page)


All-Star regenerative blowers are warranted for a period of twelve (12) months of service, limited to occur within 18
months from the date of shipment. For warranty coverage details, refer to our Warranty Statement.
Procedure for Warranty Service
1. If a blower fails within the above period and it is felt the blower failed due to a warranted cause, it is the User's
responsibility to removed the blower from service and taken to one of the following. The customer is responsible
for delivering the blower to one of the following facilities.
a. An EASA member service facility. EASA member locations can be found online at http://www.easa.com
b. A warranty designated service facility approved or recommend by All-Star Products
2. Upon receipt, the service facility is to
a. Inspect the blower and motor to determine the cause of failure. If it is determined that the cause of failure is
not due to faulty materials or workmanship, the customer is to be advised the cause of failure. It is then the
customer's responsibility to decide on now to proceed with the necessary repairs.
b. If the inspection results indicate that the blower failed under warranted conditions, the EASA shop has to
prepare an inspection report and include all of the information on the blower nameplate, the cause of the
failure, the parts and labor required to repair the blower or motor and the cost of such repairs. This report
is to be faxed to All-Star Products at 901-758-0816 BEFORE any repairs are performed.
NO WORK is to be performed on behalf of All-Star Products without prior approval.
All work estimates are to be based upon the service facility's standard hourly rate. Premium labor time for
any repairs is not allowed, unless authorized in advance by All-Star Products.
In reviewing the repair cost estimate, All-Star will advise the EASA shop to either proceed with the repairs
or that a replacement new blower will be shipped to the customer.
In the case where the blower will be replaced rather than repaired, the EASA service shop will be paid an
inspection fee.
ALL PARTS are to be retained by the service facility until All-Star advises if they should be returned to All-
Star or disposed.
3. Once the blower is repaired under warranty and returned to the customer, the service facility should fax their
invoice to All-Star Products at 901-758-0816. Your invoice will be paid within 30 day terms if we have received
an inspection report.
4. During your inspection of a warranty claim, you need to determine (1) if the customer had a pressure or vacuum
relief installed (2) if the customer had a filter installed (3) the date the blower was installed.
In addition, you need to pay special attention to the condition of the bearings and the bearing lubricant. Since the
blower normally operates at a high temperature, the blower can easily become overloaded, causing the bearing
lubricant to burn off or melt, causing the bearing to become locked onto the impeller shaft.
This condition is NOT NORMAL and is NOT A WARRANTED FAILURE. It is the customer's responsibility to
insure the blower is sized and operated properly to avoid such a situation.
5. Any disassembly or attempted repairs by the customer will VOID any warranty claim.
6. For any questions, please contact All-Star Products at 800-431-8258. Additional assembly and parts information
can be located online at http://www.all-star-usa.com

Thank you for helping us to provide excellent service to our mutual customers.