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An OEM customer portal is available to OEM customers, All-Star distributors and All Star Sales Representatives.
The portal includes information beyond the Public Domain site that is important in the daily routine that OEM customers face as well as      All Star Distributors and Sales Representatives.

If you belong to one of the customer categories listed above,             click here for a registration form. Once your registration is received, you will receive an email with your Member ID and a confirmation of your password.

Member ID

The Customer Portal features include the following:

Enter Purchase Orders Discount Information
Shipping Report All-Star Regenerative Blower Inventory
Application Engineering Data Competitive Blower/Pump
Competitive Interchange Drawings All-Star Sales Representatives
All-Star Distributors Renewal Parts & Price List
Customer Account List for All-Star  
Distributor and Sales Representatives  

Please note that some of the above features and functions may not be accessible at the present time. They will become functional in the near future.